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Title: Starogre
Description: A basic introduction to Starogre. A movie that could be used as a preview to a series.
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Title: Weasel Stomping Day
Description: A music video animated to the song 'Weasel Stomping Day' by Weird Al. I made it over a weekend when I was bored.
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Title: Altered Reality
Description: A collaborative project between many animators from Newgrounds.com. Each piece was done by someone different. The theme was to animate a robot on a rampage out to get someone. Started by Jacksmack.com, I took over as director and helped finish it out. I put the pieces together after they were done.
Collaboration: See movie's menu for details.
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Title: Gaia Destruction
Description: Hell takes over Earth as Heaven tries to stop them. Can God's minions ban together to stop Satan's?
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Title: Over The Hills
Description: A man is accused of sticking up a grocery store, but can't tell why he did.
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Title: Nightwish Collaboration
Description: A collaboration of short animations by www.newgrounds.com artists to a song named 'Nemo' by Nightwish.
Collaboration: See movie's credits for details.
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Title: Plant Monster Eats Guy
Description: A very short, 10 second animation of a plant eating a guy.
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Title: Yu-Gi-Oh: Duel Club
Description: Parody of the T.V. show, 'Yu-Gi-Oh'.
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Title: A Day In The Forest
Description: A short animation of random animals in the woods.
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Title: ABC's Vs. 123's
Description: A short animation of ABC's against 123's. Originally for a collaboration that wasn't finished, only text was used.
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Title: The Hideout
Description: A humor based movie of the discovery of a hideout by a curious man. Old movie from when I used to animate with stick figures.
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Title: Frame By Frame Stuff
Description: A random short movie of black and white, abstract animation. Every frame was redrawn on one layer.
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Title: Starogre (Old)
Description: Movie about www.starogre.com's character, Starogre. His pet rock is captured and must be found! One of my first non-stick based animations.
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Title: Super Mario World: Bowser's Evil Plot
Description: Princess Peach is captured once again, and Mario must rescue her! Bowser has a slightly different idea this time. My first and only sprite-based movie.
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